Historical Jesus

On the back of two papers I released on Dr Prices Journal of Higher Criticism I am going to start blogging a multi part series on the historical Jesus, the man behind the myth.

These are the two papers I will be expanding on:

Dave Allen, An Original Negatve Testimonium. R M Price, ed.,Journal of Higher Criticism 15/1 (Spring 2020), 67-90.

Dave Allen, The Use of the Testimonium Flavianum by Anti-Christian Polemicists. R M Price, ed.,Journal of Higher Criticism 16/1 (Spring 2021), 42-105.


For each blog I will be providing the links here, stay tuned. I have also added an appendix, link below, so you can compare the textus receptus to the model textus restitutus that I have reconstructed in part two.

Part 1 The Original Testimonian Flavianum

Part 2 Analysis of the Testimonian Flavianum

Part 3 Rebellion in the Patristics!

Part 4 Rebellion in the epistles!

Part 5 Rebellion in the gospels!

Part 6 Historical, Political and Religious Background

Part 7 Figures Like Jesus (Includes A JOSHUA INSPIRED CULT).

Part 8 Christ, Christianity and Jewish Messianists

Part 9 Nazareth/Nazorean Question

Part 10 Josephus’ Sources

Part 11 James and John the Baptist passages in Josephus Antiquities.

Part 12 Attributing the fall of Jerusalem


Part 14 Pauls Revelatory Being

Part 15 Kingdom of God.

Appendix 1 Reconstructed TF

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